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API Tap Water Conditioner 30ml

API Tap Water Conditioner 30ml

API Tap Water Conditioner is a high quality water treatment used extensively by land hermit crab keepers and fish keepers to remove chlorine and detoxify chloramines and heavy metals present in tap water. Simply add one drop to 1 US gallon of water (3.8L approx) to treat for chlorine and heavy metals, or three drops for chloramines. Always follow instructions on the label. If you are unsure what your local water is treated with we recommend contacting the water board to enquire. 

Spare treated water can be stored in the fridge for a few days with each amount needed brought back to room temperature before use.

One bottle will treat up to 480 US gallons or 1,824L of water dependant on usage. Due to this the 30ml are perfect for land hermit crab keepers, offering excellent value for money and a long lasting quantity in a tiny bottle.

This batch expires in 2021.