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Handfeeding Spoon - Small

Handfeeding Spoon - Small

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Handfeeding hermit crabs can be a way of helping seriously injured or ill crabs that for whatever reason are unable to eat alone.

These spoons are a simple, lightweight metal with a very small end making them perfect for use with even the tinier crabs. The delicate size makes them much less intrusive and intimidating. Easily cleaned and decorated with a simple blossom branch engraving they also feature a hole for hanging on a hook, keychain or string to prevent loss. Offering tiny dabs of food at a time helps minimise waste and stop the crab getting covered in sticky.

Approximately 2 1/2 inches long with a 4mm wide spoon part.

Honey or water mixed with calcium powders, crushed krill or other foods can be offered. If any advice is needed on handfeeding please contact and I'll be happy to help.