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Invertebrate Medley 50g - NEW PACKAGING

Invertebrate Medley 50g - NEW PACKAGING

2.95 GBP
The Crabby Cravings exclusive Invertebrate Medley is a chitin rich mix of various insects and other creepy crawlies your crabs will adore. It has been created working closely with a high quality, DEFRA approved supplier to maximise nutritional value and add variety to any crab's diet while ensuring it is created and packaged in an animal product licensed premises. 

 With a total of 9 different ingredients including ants, earthworms and two different beetles there is plenty of chitin, protein and other goodness to ensure your crabs have healthy exoskeleton growth and keep coming back for more!

Suitable for hermit crabs and various other pets.
Ingredients lists have been blurred to protect the integrity of our recipes. 
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