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Jitterbug Protein Powder 50g

Jitterbug Protein Powder 50g

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The Crabby Cravings exclusive Jitterbug Protein Powder is a hearty mix of invertebrates and seafood in an easy to eat powder and flaked form. It has been created working closely with a high quality, DEFRA approved supplier to maximise nutritional value and add variety to any crab's diet while ensuring it is created and packaged in an animal product licensed premises.

 With a total of 9 different ingredients including krill and shrimp for astaxanthin colour boosting and a crab luring scent that will make your crab's antenna flutter you really cannot go wrong with this protein packed mix!

Suitable for serving as is or mixed with a little water to handfeed ailing crabs.  Ingredients lists have been blurred to protect the integrity of our recipes. 

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