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Shell Boost Snail Mix 30g

Shell Boost Snail Mix 30g

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Unique to the Crabby Cravings Hermit Crab Shop snail section, this mix is a homemade recipe that has been used with our own variety of snail species for years, the shell boost mix boasts a blend of calcium sources, herb and seeds with a base of oats that is designed to promote strong, healthy shell growth while tempting even picky snails to eat.
Suitable for all ages, mix with hot water to make a paste/mush then allow to cool before serving. This is a complimentary diet for occasional use alongside a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and cuttlefish.

Packaged in a resealable grip seal bag for freshness and free from harmful nasties. 

Our snail care guide is available at:!snail-care-guide/c9oy
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