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Sunset Colour Boosting Mix - Reds and Oranges 30g

Sunset Colour Boosting Mix - Reds and Oranges 30g

1.75 GBP
This Crabby Cravings exclusive is another of our own recipes, a hearty mix of vividly coloured foods aimed at helping to enhance the colour of even the dullest crab. Although geared towards the red and orange pigment of strawberries, purple pinchers, baby violas and other species this will also help maintain healthy colour in other crabs.

 This mix is rich in beta carotene, zeaxathin and other important nutrition to help keep your crabs healthy and bright all year around. Includes calendula, goji berries, sea salt and red peppers among other tasty ingredients.

 100% natural, this product is tested and approved by our own crabs.
Comes in a gripseal bag and fully labelled with the store branding. 
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